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Using Promotional Stressballs To Build Your Domestic Energy Assessor Service

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

The frequency of real estate transactions (or lack of) has resulted in many DEA services sitting idle more than they wish. Oh, there is business out there, it’s only that there is not enough of it coming your way. The busy DEA firms are the ones that know how to market their services.

Simple business cards don’t hold the attention of a potential client as much as a promotional gift will, and one of the best promotional items you can hand out is a promotional stress toy.

Promotional stress balls, sometimes known as squeezy balls, have an extrememely high rate of retention as a promotional product. What this means to you is that when you hand someone a promotional stress toy they will hold it, squeeze it, look at it and not put it in a drawer or bin.

Logo printed stress balls are fun giveaway items that people will keep for years, often on display for other eyes to view your contact information that has been brilliantly printed on it’s soft exterior.

Logo printed stress toys are almost always received favorably and with gratitude. If you want your important contacts to remember you, promotional stress relievers are hard to beat when comparing the costs of other marketing strategies.

The plain answer when wondering what shape to choose for your promotional stress toy is simple- a house.

Don’t let that limit your choices, since the middle moniker of your profession is ‘energy’. A light bulb shaped promotional stress reliever would convey that word very well, as would a stress toy in the shape of a domestic radiator.

Perhaps even a three-dimensional flame emanating from a gas spigot or burner. Stress balls made to resemble certain elements of weather can also be utilised to represent your services, such as a cartoon-like sun or a puffy cloud.

Whatever shape you choose, it’s recipient will always be reminded of your business by the artful imprint of your logo and contact information right on the promotional stress reliever.

The decision to use logo printed stress toys as a marketing giveaway item is easy. What may not be so easy is which promotional gift supplier to order them through. When choosing a supplier for your promotional stress relievers make sure that they are able to help you differentiate between the better and lesser quality products and printing processes.

A quality supplier will be able to send you samples of their promotional products that you can see and touch in order to be fully clear about those differences. It only takes a short time to do this diligence, and this small bit of homework can save you a great deal of money and frustration.

Do your research, and then make the first step by ordering a few samples today.

Promotional Gifts – The Plumber – The Toilet – and What He Left Behind

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Like every Saturday morning, Claire slept in until 10.00 and then proceeded to clean up after the weekly Friday night margarita party. She actually enjoyed the time alone as it was never a big job and it gave her time alone to contemplate life.

Today was different, however. Walking into the downstairs bathroom she noticed that the toilet basin was full of water. She tried to flush it but – well let’s just say that was a bad idea.

Not in the mood for the problem she went upstairs and left the mess for a while to check her Facebook messages. While there she decided to ask her friends if they could recommend a good local plumber who worked Saturdays. She also opened Twitter and did the same there.

Within seconds someone tweeted the name Sam Turner along with his contact details. She phoned him immediately.

Within two hours, Sam was at the door. He was a short, balding man. Claire found him quite friendly. He was holding a large tool box and introduced himself just moments after Claire opened the door.

‘Hi, I’m Sam.’ He said. ‘I hear you have a problem toilet this morning.’

Clare smiled and after introducing herself lead Sam to the downstairs bathroom.

‘Here it is. Would you like a cup of tea or coffee?

‘Yes please.’ Sam answered.

Sam worked away and Claire brought him his coffee in a promotional mug printed with the logo of a local gardener.

He took a sip and it was good.

“Hey!’ Sam said pointing at the advertisement on the mug. ‘I know him. What a small world eh. I’ve been meaning to call him for my own garden.’ He keyed the telephone number into his mobile.

Claire continued to work away in the kitchen for a while when Sam entered.

‘Im all finished. And here’s the bad news.’

He handed her his invoice which was no where near as expensive as she thought it would be. While she looked at the invoice Sam handed her a Latte mug of his own printed with his details.

‘Thanks!’ Claire said. ‘I was actually expecting your bill to be much higher.

‘I work for myself. My only advertising is word of mouth and small promotional gifts to say thank you for your business. I can afford to charge less.

Claire smiled. ‘I will definitely keep your details. I love this mug!

‘Great to hear.’ Replied Sam. “Uh… By the way, are you on Twitter or Facebook? I would really appreciate it if you could spread the word around to your friends and work colleagues about me.’

‘That’s how I found you in the first place. No problem! I’d love to promote your service.’

She said her goodbyes to Sam and returned to her kitchen table to try our her new promotional latte mug. ‘What a nice guy.’ she thought aloud.

That evening she went into the downstairs bathroom. There – next to the toilet was a miniature toilet shaped stress ball with Sam’s contact details print nice and large on the lid.

‘I’ll put that on my desk at work.’ She said to herself. ‘I’m not losing his details, ever.

To be continued…

Promotional Toilet Stress Balls to Promote World Toilet Day

Friday, November 19th, 2010
Promotional toilet stress balls

Promotional toilet stress balls can be manufactured to order.

You could be forgiven for not realising that today is World Toilet Day. That’s right, the 19th of November has been designated World Toilet Day. I did not realise this until one of my clients purchased 5000 toilet shaped stress balls a few weeks ago to promote it.

This was a new one for me. You see, I am used to selling toilet shaped stress relievers to plumbers, builders and imaginative marketers who simply like the idea of promoting their brand with a small squishy toilet.

Toilets stress toys are eye-catching and can look fantastic manufactured in your company colours or printed with a full colour design.

Regardless of how silly it may sound, World Toilet Day highlights some very serious issues.

It is the day we are all supposed to celebrate the importance of sanitation. World Toilet Day highlights the important point that 2.6 billion people – that is almost have the world’s population – do not have access to toilets and proper sanitation.

That is mind boggling! Living in a country village in the UK I had no idea that half the world’s people do not even have a toilet! But that was the information I was asked to print on these 5000 toilet stress toys.

This is what promotional products such as stress relievers, pens, mouse mats and clothing are made to do. They are manufactured and printed to help your business or organisation get your message out to your target audience.

In the case of these printed toilets, they did just that.

I see a lot of promotional merchandise being printed daily. I read a lot of the messages and some of the printed messages stick where other simply do not.

The toilet job left our doors about two weeks ago but today when I woke up and looked at the date on my calendar I knew it was World Toilet Day. I think I will always know the 19th of November is World Toilet day and perhaps after reading this you will too.

If so, then you may like to get more information about the issues this day highlights. You may even decide to help the cause by having some toilet shaped stress toys printed for your business or organisation.

Have a quantity printed with your logo and something about World Toilet Dan and help spread the word to your customers, friends and employees.

What an excellent way to promote a good cause.

By Dan Toombs

Promoting Your Business with Promotional Bath Tub Stress Balls

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010
bath shaped stress balls

The bath shaped stress ball is the only option for many businesses!

When it comes to promotional items for marketing and business gifts, aren’t stress relievers the best? Promotional stress balls are low cost, popular gifts, and they’re fun to throw around the office to keep things light and cheerful. They are brightly coloured and eye catching. Who ever says no to a stress ball?

However, as wonderful as promotional stress toys are, everything gets a bit old after awhile. That’s why the clever folks that manufacture them have found ways to make promotional stress relievers in any shape under the sun. Imagine any shape, and they can probably make it for you.

But, consider this. You can have a promotional stress item shaped like a crab from Captain Jack’s Crab Shack, but after awhile, the crab becomes just a crab. What makes a promotional stress toy really effective is that it catches the customer’s attention and imagination, with shapes they don’t expect. Cleverness attached can be just as important as an arresting or cute shape.

Now consider the humble bathtub. The shape of an old-fashioned white bathtub with legs can certainly be used for plumbers, plumbing contractors, bathtub refinishers, and that’s all right. But let’s show what a little imagination, and a little unexpected humor printed on this same bathtub shape can do:

“Clean Up Your Credit!”
This can be used by accountants, by firms that specialize in improving credit scores, and by rental stores where you pay off furniture, appliances and computers with time payments.

“Wash That Man Right Out of Your Hair!”
The famous lyrics from South Pacific can be used by divorce lawyers, or even very clever hairstylists or day spas.

“Forget Bathtub Gin; Drink Ours!”

Liquor stores, liquor distributors, and bars could take advantage of this.

“Tired of Getting Soaked?”

Any business that advertises lower prices and discounts on anything can apply.

“Clean up Government!”
When election time rolls around, candidates for local offices like assembly-person, city council, mayor, and the like will find this inexpensive and effective advertising tool worth their money.

“I’d Rather be in a Hot Tub!”
Hot tub shops or spas could use this.

Last, but definitely not least, salesmen, politicians, real estate agents or businesspeople who wants to put his name out in the publics’ attention whose last name could remind someone of a bath tub, such as:
Tubbs (that one was easy), Washburn, Soake, Washington, McClean, Scrubbs…

See what a little humour and imagination can do?

By Dan Toombs

Promotional Household Stress Balls

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Promotional stress balls are ideal, low cost promotional items that will get your brand noticed. They are available in over 500 different shapes so it is important to  find the best shape for your marketing needs. If your business has anything to do with home improvements, furnishings or investment, you might like to look into the large selection of house and home themed stress balls.  In this article I would like to introduce you to five of my favourites.

The House

There are several different house shapes available. Some are modern designs while others look like mansions or 400 year old cottages. If housing is your specialty, check out the large range of house shapes available to you. I really like these shapes because there is so much printable area for your logo and contact details.

The Bed

Whether you are trying to promote your made to order bed covers or you are offering your hotel as a home away from home, bed stress balls can get your message out and into the hands of those you want to impress. The most popular bed shapes are available as a single or double bed. As with all stress toys, these shapes can be printed in the colours of your choice.

The Key Shape

These are popular with estate agents and hotels. Print them with your logo and details to ensure your customers key in to your important message.

The Toilet

The toilet shaped promotional stress toy is one of the most popular house and home shapes. It is the perfect shape for plumbers looking for an inexpensive and fun way of promoting their services.

The Bath Shape

Another of the bathroom shapes that generates a lot of interest in businesses in this industry. I really like the bath shape because there is a very large print are on the top and sides of the shape. is the UK’s leading online supplier of promotional stress balls.  All of our prices are trade prices so you will not find lower prices anywhere in the UK from any other supplier.

Please contact me directly on 01642 782455 to discuss your requirements.

Posted by Caroline Toombs

Stress Balls That Are Ideal For Promoting Estate Agents

Sunday, February 14th, 2010
House stress balls

A popular house shaped stress ball

Many people are not aware of the hundreds of different stress balls shapes that are available at There are road travel shapes, industry shapes, office shapes and some of the most popular house and home stress balls. Here I would like to tell you about some of the most popular stress balls for promoting the housing market. Each can be printed with a logo and details. Some have multiple print areas and look excellent when all the print areas are used.

With the slowdown of the housing market, many estate agents have found it difficult to stay in business let alone purchase promotional stress balls. That said, many professionals realise that in order to survive they need to continue marketing themselves. Promotional stress balls are a low cost way for them to do exactly that. One estate agent in Yarm Cleveland had very few houses listed for sale in their front window. It was therefore difficult for them to get people in the door. Realising that they needed to do something about the situation, they had 500 stress ball houses manufactured, white with green roofs, their company colours. They had the roof printed with all their contact details and logo and then decorated their front window with them. Of course they gave the houses  away to people who came in. The stress balls became their business card and before long they place a second and then third order.

There are at least five different house shapes available from stock. One looks like an old cottage. Others are more modern in appearance but they all have there own characteristics. Houses are the best selling stress shapes for estate agents but other shapes such as key stress shapes and pet stressball shapes are also quite popular. For many people,  pet cat stress balls or dog stress toys give the message that it is not just a house they are looking for but a home.  It is also worth noting that bespoke stress balls can be created if you are looking at placing an order of 500 plus stress relievers.

Stress balls are a fun and low cost way of spreading your information around. Whether you hand them out individually or send them in the post to all of your clients, they are bound to go down very well. Everyone loves a stress reliever. Your customers will use them when they are stressed and they may even decorate their desks with them giving you free advertising space.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on 01642 782455 if you have any queries about these very popular products.  Alternatively, you could leave a comment. It would be great to hear from you.

Posted by Dan Toombs

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