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When Only The Best Promotional Rugby Ball Stress Balls Will Do

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

There are millions of promotional rugby ball stress balls out there… Make sure yours are the best!

promotional rugby ball stress balls

Let us help you design the best promotional rugby ball stress balls for your business

Finding the best promotional products for your business does not always come down to money.

Take promotional stress balls for example.

There are over 3000 distributors of these low cost business gifts in UK alone but few actually specialise in these eye-catching products.

Finding a specialist will get you superior products for less!

About a month ago I was at a trade show.

I happened to run into an old friend who had recently been employed by a company full of rugby fanatics.

Though their business was IT related, they decided to promote themselves with business gifts that would represent their own personas. The idea was that if they showed a bit of themselves, their target customers would put their guards down.

They chose promotional rugby ball stress balls as their giveaways.

Great idea!

In fact, the idea probably would have worked if it weren’t for one big oversight… They chose the wrong supplier for their big promotion.

In a world where only the best will do, you can afford to be choosy.


A good promotional stress toy supplier will have many different shapes in stock for you to see before ordering.

If you are looking for something as popular as promotional rugby ball stress balls, they should have many in stock in different colours.

They will want to show off just how good their products are and will be delighted to send you samples of their superior stress relievers.

This is rarely the case.

At CompuGift we are proud of our stress products. We can pad print like everyone but if you really want to see amazing results, we will show you our transfer printed stress toys.

Many people out there think a branded stress ball is just a stress toy.

They couldn’t be more wrong. When these stress balls are promoting your business, they have to be right!

As I stood their at the exhibition talking to my friend, show visitors actually came onto the stand showing his boss how the print had already peeled off their rugby balls.

One man jokingly said “I hope your products are better quality than the business gifts you had out”.

Some light-hearted banter – yes. But giving the choice wouldn’t you want your promotional products to say great things about you and your business?

If you are looking for promotional rugby ball stress balls – or any shaped stress toys for that matter, give us a call on 01642 782455.

You’ll fall in love with our products and service. We’ve been supplying top quality promotional rugby ball stress balls for 15 years and can send samples that prove we are the best in the business.

The articles on this site are by Dan Toombs, Managing Director of CompuGift Limited.

Use Promotional Stress balls To Bounce Up Your Sporting Goods Business

Monday, March 28th, 2011

golf ball promotional stress balls

Check out these popular golf ball stress balls!

Promotional products have been shown as a strong marketing tool that can complement any branding campaign. Just about every popular sport involves some sort of ball, and promotional stress toys are already available in most every type of popular sporting ball.

Promotional stress balls will be a welcome gift for just about anyone, producing brand recognition with each use. The promotional stress ball is small enough to be carried around in a pocket or sports duffel for use whenever stress of any kind becomes an issue. The release of tension will be accompanied by your message with each use.

Want to impress the golf crowd while allowing them to display their love of the sport? A golfball shaped promotional stress toy is sure to be displayed prominently when not being utilised. A football stress toy can be a great icebreaker between those that share an affinity for the sport. Tennis balls are excellent promotional stress toy shapes whether you are a shop or an instructor. Hockey pucks, with their flat printing area, make fantastic promotional gifts as stress toys. The rugby ball can be a stressball that conveys they rough and tumble of the sport.

Whatever shape you choose for your promotional stress ball, having your business name and contact information brilliantly printed upon it will enhance its effectiveness as a promotional product.

A promotional stress toy does not have to be in the shape of a ball- your promotional stressball can be in the shape of virtually anything that represents your outfit.

A hockey helmet lends itself well to a stressball shape. A cricket bat promotional stress reliever can be folded over for use and will automatically return to its original shape in seconds. If you happen to operate in a more icy climate you might choose a curling stone as your promotional stressball shape.

Perhaps you pride yourself as the premiere retailer for sporting footwear in your area- a promotional stress to can be manufactured to resemble any kind of cleated shoe.

The promotional stress reliever is a low-cost, high impact giveaway item that is sure to be appreciated by anyone that is handed one. Now that you have some ideas on how to utilise this efficient branding accessory you are probably curious about why promotional stress toys are so effective.

Contact us today on 01642 782455 to learn more about how these promotional items can enhance the awareness of your business.

Promotional Dumb Bell Stress Balls-A True Success Story

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010
Dumb Bell Stress Balls

We supply dumb bell stress balls at trade prices!

In hard times gym membership is often the first to go.

That said, my gym is always full and this is obviously down to how they promote themselves. Promotional gifts are a major part of their marketing. Like many gyms they offer the promotional water bottles, logo printed sports bags, sweatshirts and embroidered towels. These personalised items they sell behind the counter for profit. They know that people like to advertise the fact that they are a member of a gym.

This is smart advertising because their logo gets worn, carried and shown off which promotes their brand all around the area.

The gym also have a little fun with free giveaways that are personalised with their logo and details. These are useful items such as promotional pens, coasters, and notepads that are printed with their details but are also printed with a daily work out diary. These gifts are low cost and build brand in a fun and very useful way.

A couple of months ago I was contacted by the manager of a health spa that recently opened not far from where I live in North Yorkshire England. In addition to the essential water bottles, embroidered clothing and pens she also wanted some eye-catching, thought provoking low cost gifts she could giveaway to local people to promote the spa and gym.

I suggested dumb bell shaped stress balls printed with her logo. The spa logo is black and purple. To keep the price down we decided to have the stress balls manufactured in the spa’s corporate purple and printed just one colour, black.

What a success! She handed them out at local office complexes, supermarkets and everywhere imaginable. People loved them! Each purple dumb bell was also printed with an early joiner discount code. This made it easy for her to judge the success of the promotion. She has no doubt that it worked!

Within hours of giving away the first batch, the spa was receiving it first enquiries. The fun stress shapes had done their job. The 10% discount printed on them probably did not hurt either.
Can you think of a good use for promotional dumb bell stress toys for promoting your business? They are not only used for promoting gyms. Why not use a strap line such as ‘Let us take the weigh of your shoulders.’ or ‘Don’t be a dumb bell… Use (your business) for…

Do you have any creative ways you think you could use these fun stress products? Would you care to share you ideas by leaving a comment?

By Dan Toombs

5 Ideas for Promoting Your Brand with Sports Themed Stress Toys

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Promotional stress balls with a sports theme are an amazing way to market your organisation, club or business.  Everyone loves and plays with them when they are bored, in addition to recognising the logo and information on the stress toy.  If you are looking to build a strong clientele, use sports shaped stressballs.  In this  article I will identify businesses that can benefit from using sports themed stress relievers.

Private Sports Instructors
Perhaps you are a basketball instructor that helps school students get scholarships for university. You work one-on-one with students to help them perfect that jump shot & free throw.  Then, why not print your contact information on mini basketball stress balls? Go hand them out to high school basketball teams after games and market yourself. Hand them out to parents in the stands at basketball games. Before you know it, your schedule will be full!

Athletic Trainers
Athletic trainers can sometimes have a difficult time breaking into an established business. They need every edge they can get, and sports themed stressballs can be that tiny edge that makes a school or parent hire you over someone else.

Sports Lawyers
Who would think that a profession of persuasion needs help marketing itself? It may seem odd to think, but sports lawyers have a very difficult time securing work as well. Often, you need to have a dynamic personality to make certain athletes or firms sign you on as their sports lawyer. So, if you are a lawyer looking to expand your clientele, why not hand out stressballs to everyone you know in your business? Anytime you go to shake someone’s hand, place a little sports themed stress reliever in it, and they’ll never forget that charismatic sports lawyer!

Athletic Apparel Stores
For smaller athletic apparel stores, sports themed stress relievers can offer a great opportunity for these stores to compete with larger chains and corporations. Hand the toys out to customers and schools in order to get more people to shop at your store. Before you know it, you’ll be taking the corporation out of business!

Charities that seek to promote athletic activities like wheelchair basketball may find sports themed stress relievers help to promote their cause. At auctions, sports themed stress toys can be a great way to raise money for athletic charities like Special Olympics.

Now that you have five ideas of the kinds of businesses that benefit from sports stress balls, you can see how diverse these businesses are. The truth is, no matter what your business is, it can benefit from active marketing and promotion ideas like sports themed stress toys!

Football Shaped Stress Balls – An In Depth Look At These Popular Promotional Gifts

Thursday, January 21st, 2010
Promotional football stress balls

We can print any colour anywhere on the footballs.

You don’t need me to tell you that the UK is Football mad.  It is therefore little wonder that football (soccer) shapes are the second most popular stress ball shapes second only to the original and simple 70mm ball.

You can certainly have a lot of fun promoting your brand with football stress toys because they can be so easily changed to match your corporate identity.  I can safely say that every other customer who orders these much loved shapes asks for the pentagons and the base colour to be made in their corporate colours. 

The most popular football stress reliever is the 63mm diameter version.  This is a popular size because it is easy to hold and squeeze and it offers a large 30mm x 25mm print area for your logo and details.  There are also smaller keyring footballs though the print area is limited. 

If you have a lot of logos or text to print, this can easily be done. We just leave a bit more white area when manufacturing. They still look like footballs and the addition of colourful logos can look fantastic.

So what kind of company or organisation uses football stressballs in their marketing? 

The answer is they are one of the best all around shapes popular in all industries.  Almost every organisation has employees that love the game so these shapes are an excellent promotional tool no matter who you are sending them to.

Be sure to order early though if you would like something a little out of the ordinary. We can make these colourful low cost business gifts into something that represents your brand like few products can.

One thing you will want to consider is what you want to print on the footballs.  These shapes look magnificent printed in full colour.  If you allow yourself four weeks for delivery, you can not only have them in your corporate colours, you can also get quite intricate with your design.

We are of course here to help you get it all just right. Would you like to see samples of our past work? Just ask.

Promotional football stress balls

Would you like to see a sample of our work? Just ask.

All of the articles on this site were written by Dan Toombs, Managing Director of CompuGift Limited

Promotional Stress Balls – Promote Your Sports Team Or Sporting Event With Stress Balls

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Everybody loves stress balls. These are the fun foam PU products that are manufactured in the shape of your favourite shapes such as animals, buildings, cars and sports balls. Sports themed stress balls are in fact some of the most popular shapes and well worth considering if you are promoting a sports team or event.

All of the most popular sports shapes are available such as soccer balls, rugby balls and cricket balls. Other sports that are not played as often in the UK such as basket balls, baseballs and US footballs are also popular and can be printed with your logo and/or details.

In addition to the many ball shapes, there are also a large number of shorts figures available, from comical sports figures with big smiles to more human looking referees and coaches. All of the products are fun to hand out as gifts to promote your sports club which is why there are so many different shapes.

Most sports teams have team colours that are very important to them. The one good thing about using promotional stress toys to market your team or event is that they can be made to order in the colours of you choice. You will need to allow at least four weeks for this service but it really looks excellent. Print these colour coordinated stress relievers with your logo and details and you have colourful and attractive marketing tools.

For more information about all of the sports shaped stress toys that are available to promote your team or event, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We would be happy to send you samples to help you with your decision.

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